One Down. Ninety Nine to Go

I’ve started to complete things on my 100 things to do before I die-list. The first item to be removed from the list was to resign from the state church. I’m an atheist, so it felt kind of natural. The state church gets money from the government based on how many members they have. For twenty five years they’ve received money for me, but that’s over now. I was a member in the first place because you’re automatically registered when you’re born. Or baptised. I can’t remember, but I’m both, so I was registered, too.

The other guy who lived in my apartment with Circus Mayhem (the single mother with a twelve year old girl and a five year old boy, who I’ve not mentioned much lately in an attempt to pretend they’re not there) decided to move out. He couldn’t stand the noise and decided to get an apartment somewhere else. Probably a smart move, I don’t think I’m that far behind him, depends on how steady my income will be over the next months.

Anyway, that he moved out means that someone else has to move in. So far two chicks and some guy has been here to have a look at the tiny room. The first girl was rejected by the single mother because she talked too much. The guy was just to tall for the room, he needed a double bed to sleep well and there is no way in hell you can get a bed like that into that room. Maybe if you placed it vertically. The other girl was here tonight, and she didn’t talk too much and she wasn’t that tall either, so she might take the room. It depended on her budget. She has a boyfriend who would probably visit rather frequently. The walls here are made of thin paper. I hope these people are very fundamentalistic Christians – as opposed to me.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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I did the “resign from the state church.”-thing a few years back and I haven’t regreted it once… :) Had any other religous group here in Norway tried the same scam, they would probably have been draged to court and crucifyed in the media before you can say “religous freedom”…

Not that I really care, since I’m an atheist too… or as I like to think of it; a non-believer untill proven otherwise.. and it takes more than an old book and some crazy people seeing lights and shit, to prove me wrong..

Sorry about the bad grammar.. my wireless keyboard is in need of some new batteries.. :P

i’ll be in the states no earlier than november. but if we’re gonna plan something like this, it should be in a less public forum, you know what i mean?

those fbi bastards are hard to get rid of once they’re onto you…

good thing that you resigned from the church. one down, and 99 to go. would it not be more fun if you completed several things at the same time? lets say… number 3,38 & 72? :-P

I’m in if you want company.
he he…

Smart move! Literally !
Did you know that statistics say that the higher the IQ of an individual , the higher the chance to brake away from any religion, whatsoever? Einstein used to say that all religions are primitive. Masses are manipulated for the benefit of a few at the top who have a good and easy income. There’s a subconscious deep-seated fear in humans that is exploited and taken advantage of in all religions. Too bad they can’t see it. How delusional they all are !!!!!!!!!

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