Oh, Canada

Slow on the updates, yes, but bear with me, I’m on vacation. Still on vacation. Hard to believe.

Australia is now far, far away and I have hooked up with Hans Olav and Gine. Me and Hans Olav spent a night in Montréal before we met Gine and a friend of hers at the airport, picked up our rental – a killer Dodge Charger – and started our journey towards Kingston. After a night there we’re now taking the scienic route towards Toronto.

Australia was the no-no country. No biking, no skateboarding, no smoking, no eating (but smoking), no drinking (but eating) and so on and so forth everywhere. In Canada the same rules might apply, but there are no signs everywhere to tell you about it. I mean “abot” it, of course…

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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