9 Down, 91 To Go

It’s about time to remove yet another time from The ListTM:

#89. Own an apartment or a house.

I’ve now got the keys to the apartment. Quite the anti-climax, to be honest. You can see how well I’m doing with the moving in thing right here:

Show’s over! The cam is offline.

Don’t expect too much action until tomorrow evening, though. If you see the place catch on fire, please call the fire department.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

11 replies on “9 Down, 91 To Go”

Congratulations, Vegard! Nice looking place :) The little I can see of it, anyway..
Hey, is that bearded man with the crowbar a friend of yours? He looks kinda familiar..

Btw.. why is the classic ‘submit’-button named ‘humor me!’? I suggest ‘Read My Worthless Comment’, ‘Click Here To Get Free Offers’ and ‘Click Here And A Fairie Will Die’ or something in that order :)

Do you really think it’s wise to put a brand new creamy white sofa in the same room as a group of inebriated friends of low moral fiber? I would just use orange crates for furniture and rockwool as carpeting, untill the danger is over :)

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