87 Things

It’s not very original, but at some point I felt I needed some reachable goals in my life. And none of these are that far off, if you ask me. Listed in no particular order. But still a numbered list.

The list started out with 100 items. Over time some of them were replaced, while others were changed slightly. In October, 2017, the entire list were revised, which lead to 13 items being removed. For item numbering consistency, they haven’t been physically removed form the list, but instead marked with faded text. You can read more about the revision process in the post 100 Things Revisited.

  1. Visit Hong Kong. Done. 23.12.05.
  2. Get something published in a newspaper or a magazine. Done. 13.11.04.
  3. Attend a major sports event.
  4. Go on an American road trip. Done 14.09.12-29.09.12.
  5. Say “I love you”. Done. 18.08.07.
  6. Learn to play the guitar.
  7. Swim a mile in the sea.
  8. Release an album or an EP.
  9. Take a photograph I can proudly hang on the wall. Done. Some time in 2006.
  10. Write a movie script.
  11. Hold a speech at someone’s wedding. Done 06.08.16.
  12. Climb, or at least get on top of without using a vehicle, a mountain.
  13. Get interviewed by a major news paper or magazine, either domestic or international. Done. 25.02.05.
  14. Visit Tokyo. Done. 09.07.13.
  15. Renovate an apartment or a house. Done. 19.09.11.
  16. Fix a car or some other form of semi-complicated machinery.
  17. Be in a movie or a TV-series (as an extra counts).
  18. Stagedive.
  19. Surprise everyone.
  20. Try my luck at the stock market.
  21. Organize a big event. Done 06.08.16.
  22. Be on TV. Done. 05.12.08.
  23. Visit Canada. Done. 17.11.07.
  24. Participate in a demonstration. Done. 25.07.11.
  25. Make someone cry of happiness.
  26. Write a great piece of software.
  27. Brew my own beer. Done. 17.09.05.
  28. Be a member of the audience in a TV show. Done. 05.12.08.
  29. Send a message in a bottle.
  30. Plant a tree.
  31. Sit on a jury.
  32. Stay out all night partying and go to work the next day without having gone home.
  33. Drink beer at Oktoberfest.
  34. Go skinny-dipping.
  35. Ask for a raise. Done. 17.09.05.
  36. Write my will.
  37. Ride on the Orient Express.
  38. Read the Kama Sutra and put a bit of theory into practice. Done. 28.09.06. (No, there’s no actual link, you seriously didn’t think I would go into details, did you?)
  39. Go wild in Rio during Carnival.
  40. Go up in a hot-air balloon.
  41. Hit a hole-in-one (with witnesses).
  42. Learn a third language well enough to get around in a country where they speak it.
  43. Drive cross-country without a map.
  44. Buy a round for a packed bar.
  45. Learn to dance.
  46. Invite someone on a $500 dinner. Done. 08.09.06.
  47. Make some contribution to an open source software project. Done. 04.05.04.
  48. Fire a gun at a gun range. Done 16.09.12.
  49. Try my luck at the roulette table. Done. 2016-07-11.
  50. Visit all seven continents. Four three two left.
  51. Ride a horse.
  52. Take a year off.
  53. Spend a night in a haunted house.
  54. Visit an active volcano. Done. 02.07.12.
  55. Go to Mardi Gras.
  56. Go on a helicopter ride. Done 24.09.12.
  57. Attend a film festival.
  58. Go on a cruise. Done. 01.07.12.
  59. Make a road movie. Done 15.10.12.
  60. Save a life.
  61. Drive a car getaway-style.
  62. Skydive.
  63. Meet someone famous.
  64. Get paid to review movies, music, computer games or similar.
  65. Donate blood.
  66. See a tornado.
  67. Get a reasonable BMI. Done. 18.10.09.
  68. Grow a Bonsai tree.
  69. Stop being semi-dyslectic. Done 06.08.16.
  70. See tigers in the wild.
  71. Wake up on bench in the park.
  72. See a performance at an opera house.
  73. Change a stranger’s flat tire.
  74. See a movie at a drive-in.
  75. Make a complete and utter fool of myself.
  76. Come up with a good one-liner. Done. 05.01.10.
  77. Become a semi-acceptable cook. Done. 14.02.04.
  78. Visit New York.
  79. Go on a 100+ kilometers bike ride. Doing it over several days is all right, of course.
  80. Make a short movie.
  81. Throw ten three-pointers in row.
  82. Be debt free. Done. 28.10.06. (Not too much to say about this, but it happened. Since 2006 I have amassed some debt again, though.)
  83. Get a professional massage. Done. 07.04.10.
  84. Fall in love. Done. 29.06.06.
  85. Resign from the State church. Done. 27.01.04.
  86. Fly a kite.
  87. Go whale watching.
  88. Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico.
  89. Own an apartment or a house. Done. 31.08.06.
  90. Fly first class on a long haul flight (or business if there’s no first class section).
  91. Do something that makes someone say, “You know, I really admire what you did!”
  92. Win an award.
  93. Write on a wall. Done. 09.08.11.
  94. Set off a fire extinguisher.
  95. Volunteer for a good cause. Done. 18.02.07.
  96. See a full solar eclipse.
  97. Queue for something for at least 24 hours.
  98. Sing Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and really mean it.
  99. Visit Cuba.
  100. See Matthew Good in concert.

All right, so I ended up ripping some of these off of other similar lists, but they all seemed liked sane things to do.

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“Finish this List” would be impossible since it’s part of the list, you’d need to finish it to check it off, you can only finish 99 of those. =P

other than that…kill a great white shark while swimming

I love at how people can do this sort of thing, aspiring to achieve so much in the short time we have

I will most likely end up writing one of these some day but, as a 16 year old, I don’t see much right now I’d want to do later in life :P
I’ll go for 30 things in 365 days for now (^_^)

Also, I recommend making a short movie, it’s brilliant fun and even if you don’t have funding (God knows, I don’t :P) you can still make something to get an idea across or even just make people laugh

Now I think you need to go back and make a list of 100 things you’ve actually done so that you can truly appreciate yourself and all of your accomplishments. (I’ve done it and will be posting it shortly for my 100th blog post, and I’m only 18 so I’m sure you can.) [=

thanks for you one liner- list, I use it to quote in my FB and my friends like it.

have to think of 100 things to do bf I die… will let you know. JK

Great list!
I created a list of things to do before I turned 30. I probably would have gotten more things done if I had started it before 29. I think I’ll dust it off and continue it. Thanks for the reminder. Good luck!!

Your absolutely right, flying a kite should be rather easy to complete. Sounds like a good activity for the weekend.

Wow, I love this idea! I think I’ll start my own “100 things” list, LOL :) Still, you still haven’t plant a tree? What are you waiting for? It’s one of those things in life that makes you feel great. Do it and you’ll know. But make it count. Take care of it and see it grow. I promise you it’ll be worth it… Have a great day/night, whenever you might read this ;)

Great list. Until I read it I didn’t know how much stuff people generally can achieve in life. I guess everyone needs a reminder of how much is possible and the list is a great idea. Thanks.

You know, I really admire what you have done here with this website, I have a tiny blog that no one sees, and it’s more than likely actually for the best at this time because I am terribly lacking direction in life at this particular time and I really must say to have come across you website has encouraged me to make a better attempt at finding my way….I have some talent, at least I like think I do and I am going to school in order to learn as much as I can ( I realize I will never stop learning) but as much as I can in order to actually have some clue as to what I am doing on a technical level and so I can best understand aperture, f-stops, dof, shutter speed, etc. In any event, if you’d like to, go and have a look at some of my photos they are in there somewhere, the other stuff in NOT interesting whatsoever! I also have a tendency to go on and on (eek!). I just wanted you to see that you can (perhaps) cross off number 91 as “done” on your list because I really do admire what you have done and all the wonderful things you have accomplished thus far. It’s a long comment because I wanted you to believe that I do indeed admire what you have done! (whew, I am finished now and thank you for creating such a lovely blog with such wonderful inspiration, good luck to you in ALL you conquests and in all you future endeavors)
Carly Eddy

Hi Carly,

glad you enjoy the site and that you found some inspiration in it. This is also a rather tiny blog, but I still put a lot of time in it. For me, it’s a good way to relax and it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see that I’m able to create something, even though it’s mostly just incoherent ramblings that very few people read. I had a look at your site (creativegasp.wordpress.com) and I must say that I really like your photos. From what I can see you’re a better photographer than I can ever hope to be. There are a lot of talented people out there, but I’m sure you can make it among them.

Again, thanks a lot for your kind words, I’ll consider crossing off #91. Good luck with your photography and all your own conquests and future endeavors.

Great fun site
What was your 76 ?

A good addition…become a parent, and not only because you will get another go at most of them

Thanks for the feedback.

My 76 was β€œyou are only truly in control of your life when you accept you are not”. Not what I would consider a great one-liner, but probably the best I’ll ever come up with.

Are you still alive? Haven’t accomplished anything in over 6 months? Your father never took you to a sporting event? Never went with friends? If you are a father take your kids. A few seem almost impossible to me.

Sure, I’m still alive. I’ve been to sporting events, but my goal is to go to major one – like an F1 race, the Olympics, Super Bowl or something else of that size.

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