3 down, 97 to go

For the first time in quite a while I’ve had a day where I’ve only been working one job. Of course, I should be working two jobs, we have to keep the pace up to get things up and running at RDML. But after having realised that my motivation had hit a solid rock bottom today, I decided to take the rest of the day off. Consider it a time investment. Doing other things this evening might enable me to work three more evenings at RDML before someone find me dead by my desk.

"Here lies Vegard. He worked himself to death to give people pr0n on the subway. May he rest in peace while we check out his excellent work."

Let me digress for a few seconds:

Goofball billboard from Ten Years of My Life

That’s all the digression for today. I digress all the time. Hope you enjoyed it, I sure did. Visit Ten Years of My Life.

My 100 things to do before I die-list still mostly consists of things I haven’t done. This is a good thing, since it means that I can’t die yet. But a couple of days ago I completed #47; Make some contribution to an open source software project. It didn’t quite turn out to be the kind of contribution I thought it would be, I was imagining making a plugin for my favourite instant messaging application Miranda or something like that. And I didn’t actually realize that I had made a contribution until a while after I’d done it. I’m reading up on Java Message Server (JMS) these days, and because of that I’ve been looking at the Jboss documentation. Some of it is Wiki-based, making it easy for the public to add stuff, correct errors and whatnot.

What I did was to change a sentence in the documentation from "JMS Resource Adapter – J2ee Connector Resource Adapter" to "JMS Resource Adapter – J2EE Connector Resource Adapter". View my invaluable contribution over at the Jboss Wiki.

And at the age of 26 I’ve finally begun to grow chest hair. Puberty sure came late for this guy.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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I have plenty of chest hair and I’m only 20. Strangely, though, like .beldin, I can’t grow a real beard. It comes in on my cheeks and on my chin, but not where my mustache should be. Odd.

Also my neck hair is beginning to creep down my back, and that scares the hell out of me.

Mabye you should start taking pictures of your chest hairs so we could follow the progress. ;)

Or mabye not, might scare ppl away from the site :P

you know who to call if you need chesthair. I’ve got more than my share. It’s easier to describe where I don’t have alot of hair growing than to make a list over where I have hair. And yes… I am prone to climb things. especially when drunk. I’m also a great fan of bananas. :-P

It’s interesting how a single line about body hair can spawn so many comments. Compared to the rest of the entry, which resulted in none.

I’ve had hairs around my nipples for quite some time now, but in the last year or two, I’ve begun to get some very long, dark and really disoriented hair scattered around on my chest.

Not sure what I should make of it, but I hope it grows just a little thicker than it is now, because the fluff I have now just looks ridiculous. I also hope I don’t grow into a bushy Neanderthal, but that’s very unlikely.

Congrats about the OSS contribution, btw. Doesn’t it feel good? Almost like giving to charity, only, it’s free. Wheee!

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